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Dynamics CRM & Mobile Devices

As full featured mobile devices proliferate inside and outside of corporate offices, there is a growing desire to use these for business activity. Many corporate professionals have recognized the simplicity of traveling with a tablet computer and have ditched the laptop as a regular traveling companion. This growing trend cannot be ignored regardless of whether or not it is a supported tool within “Corporate America”.

With Dynamics CRM there are full featured options for accessing the system out-of-the-box as long as you are using a Windows-based device with Internet Explorer (IE). An Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) would allow you to use a Windows-based mobile device to access CRM from the Internet or Intranet as long as it is running IE. However, when it comes to non-Windows devices the out-of-the-box options are more limited. While functional, CRM Mobile Express does not provide the desired user experience to foster greater adoption of CRM from mobile devices.

In response to this, Microsoft Partners have been creating tools that provide a full featured interface to access Dynamics CRM from a mobile device based on Apple iOS, Google Android or other operating systems. These include tools such as CWR Mobility, TenDigits MobileAccess and Resco MobileCRM Studio. If your organization has the time, budget and business support to implement one of these tools as an adjunct to your Dynamics CRM system then I suggest you take a serious look at them.

Many organizations simply want to make their Dynamics CRM system available to multiple device types/operating systems without the complexity of adding software layers to their existing CRM implementation. One feasible way to do this is by making CRM available through Citrix or Windows Terminal Server. With Citrix there are clients for most mobile devices and operating systems that make it an easy setup to have full web access to Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics CRM 2011: Microsoft has promised support for multiple browsers including Safari, FireFox and Chrome to be delivered during the first half of 2012. Sonoma Partners blog talks about some of the upcoming new features of CRM 2011 that are significant if you are on CRM 2011.


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Tim has worked with business application implementations at large, multinational corporations since 1992. His experience includes using software like Dynamics CRM to implement enterprise business solutions. Learn more about Tim at http://TimThorpe.org


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